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The colour purple signifies royalty and this is not with out reason. In ancient times, there was only one source to this colour. That was a particular fluid in one of the glands in a snail found in the Mediterranean. In short, to get enough colour to dye a piece of cloth, thousands of snails had to die. And this made the colour very expensive and rare. This resulted in the association of purple with aristocracy and the rich.

 An exclusive kadhwa banarasi saree with chatri (umbrella) jaal in gold and silver zari. An ektara silk which adds to comfort with looks. 

This exclusive kadhwa saree is the outcome of forty five days of weaving. 

This saree is available only on pre-order and it takes minimum of 45-60 days to deliver. 

Fabric- Katan Silk

Colour- Purple

Length- 6.3 m.

Each Discoverdiva product is crafted with lots of affection, love and passion. So, we suggest extra care of these exquisite pieces.

We recommend

*Dry clean only.

*Avoid bringing in contact with liquids and perfumes.

*Change the fold regularly and store  in pure cotton fabrics.

*Free shipping in India

As this is handwoven, some irregularities are common.

Fall pico can be done if required. Please add 4-5 days extra for that.

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