The Start of a Journey

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गंगा विश्वेश्वरः काशी जागर्ति त्रितयं यतः।

तत्र नैः श्रेयसी लक्ष्मीर्लभतेचित्रमत्र किम्॥


“Ganga, Vishwanatha and Kashi. This trinity is present there. No wonder the people have wealth of all kinds while they live and liberation at their death.”

                                                                                        Kashi Khanda 35.10

I am becoming inseparable from Banaras more and more during each visit to Varanasi. It is becoming my second home. The travel which was started in search of Banarasi fabric is now manifesting into my inward journey. My experience of the place is increasing my love for the city in spite of its so-called chaos.


Travel experiences in this city are innumerable. I am trying to record at least a few experiences through this series of blogs. Even though I am not trained for this kind of writing, I sincerely will put up my experiences in a simple way. I hope it serves the purpose.

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