Sumana Kukke

Ashtami - Knowledge
There is a famous saying in Sanskrit, ‘वयाधनं सवध नं धानम’्. Both in the East and West, knowledge is highly valued. In the Graeco-Roman culture, the philosophers were given utmost respect. In ancient times throughout the world, philosophers studied everything: physics, astronomy, natural sciences, political science, history, medicine and not to forget, the big philosophical questions.
Knowledge traditions have never gone extinct. Countries and kingdoms have risen and fallen. Economies have flourished and crashed. Wars have been fought and peace has been brokered. Religions have been practiced and religions have been forgotten. Art has been created and art has been destroyed. Men have been born in their billions and men have died in their billions. But we have never stopped being curious. We have never stopped seeking. That is what makes us humans. Knowledge and the quest for it is the mother of our species. Let us be grateful to that concept of knowledge by never forgetting to constantly seek for it.

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