A Hot Monsoon Snack

Sumana Kukke

When you walk down the narrow gallis of Varanasi early in the morning, one can smell fresh food being prepared in the various eateries. Kachoris, Jalebas, Laung Lata, Lal Peda, Sev, hot Sabjis, Chai, Lassi… The list goes on. But among them all, Urad Dal ki Kachori stands out as a unique breakfast option.


An Urad Dal stuffed Poori with hints of Hing and Kasuri Methi, makes up the dish. When served with a hot Aloo and Chana Sabji, it simply irresistible to a food lover.


Serves 4

Preparation Time - 10 mins

Cooking Time - 5 mins



For Dough

4 cups of Wheat Flour

3 tbsp of hot Oil

Salt to taste


For Filling

1/2 cup of Urad Dal, soaked for 2 hours and strained

2 tsp of Kasuri Methi

1/2 tsp of Hing

A pinch of cooking soda

Salt to taste


Oil for frying




For Dough

  • Combine wheat flour and salt.
  • Add the hot oil into the flour slowly as you incorporate it into a dough.
  • Add water to make a soft, but a firm dough. Keep aside.


For Filling

  • Grind the Urad Dal into a grainy consistency.

  • Add Kasuri Methi, Hing, cooking soda and salt. Mix well and use immediately.


How to Proceed

  • Divide the prepared dough into balls.

  • Roll the balls into small circles and fill the dough with the filling to make lemon sized balls.

  • Roll the stuffed balls into circles.

  • Fry rolled Kachoris in hot oil.

  • Serve hot with Aloo Sabji

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