What Weaving Can Do

Sumana Kukke

A line of thread and a cloth have no difference. Similarly, the Brahman and the universe are ultimately the same.

Chanderi, Banarasi, Jamdani, Ikkat, Patola, Paithani... All these are nothing but names. And, the thread takes different forms according to the expectations which come with the name. What is cloth without threads? Can threadless cloth exist? Similarly, what use does a thread have without it becoming a cloth?

It is simply the ability of the thread to become a cloth and the act of weaving which makes all the difference. This is Shakti, the ability of Brahman to bring out its potential and to manifest itself as the universe.

That is why Sankaracharya says,
शिवः शक्त्यायुक्तो यदि भवति शक्तः प्रभवितुम्। न चेदेवं देवो न खलु कुशलः स्पन्दितुमपि।
This means, 'United with Sakti, Siva, or Brahman, is endowed with the power to create the universe, otherwise, he is incapable even of movement.

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