Saavan - Monsoon

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Monsoon is something that nature looks forward to. When it arrives, the trees , the animals, the flowers and most significantly the peacocks dance to the rhythm of thundering clouds and the rapid fall of raindrops. Classical musicians and folk singers throughout the country have celebrated this time of the year through countless songs and tunes. From Valmiki’s shlokas in the Ramayana to Kalidasa’s poems in Rtusamhara to Tagore’s beautiful songs, the monsoon has always been relevant to the Indian society despite changing times and circumstances. 

The month of Ashada is considered to be a time when no celebrations, festivals or events should take place. This is because, that is the time when the fields are ploughed and the seeds are sown in anticipation for the monsoon to arrive. 

Like the Winter season, when the families of the European and North American continents come together to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, in the months of Shravana, Bhadrapada, Ashwayuja and Kartika, the majority of the Indian festivals come in close succession. During these months, Varanasi comes to life with festivals, fairs, Sadhus and a massive increase in the water level of the Ganga. From the solemn Ashada Poornima, which is especially significant for the sadhus and spiritual aspirants to the frivolity and the jubilation of Krishna Janmashtami, Varanasi is coloured into a myriad picture which will appeal to anyone who sees it. After the hot and tiring months of Ashad, Indians celebrate weddings and other joyful occasions on great scales. This is enough to keep the weavers of Varanasi busy, for half a year, weaving banarasi silk sarees, dupattas, stoles and lehengas for the season.

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